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    For details, please see Homepage>Hiring>Welfare

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    From the day after joining SeenBnTek, you will receive new employee orientation for one week. Once you are positioned at your department, you will receive on-the-job-training by your respective department. After a three month probation period, you will become a full-time employee.

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    For those who pass, they will be notified in about a week. This may be delayed due to circumstances at the company

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    It will be in a group interview. This interview is for the interviewers to examine the basic character and work capacities needed among SeenBnTek employees, and it will be in the form of a free dialog with questions by interviewers and answers by interviewees

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    Only TOEIC and JPT report cards can be submitted for foreign language scores.

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    You may apply again.

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    Persons who received national patriot awards are given preferential treatment pursuant to relevant laws.

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    The applications are not judged by any specific part, and instead, the application and cover letter are both taken into account.

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    Please be as detailed as possible in the application form.

    The cover letter is very important during interviews, so please be honest and careful when writing your introduction.

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    After downloading the application attached in the Hiring section of the homepage (www.seenbntek.com), fill out the form and send it via mail or FAX(041-580-6610)

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