Management Philosophy

일등제품 Best Product One & Only, First, Best 1 창의적인 기술 개발 2 경쟁력 있는 제품 3 일등제품 4 고객감동 인재중시 Human Resource 인간중심 경영, 능력개발을 통한 일류회사 육성 창의적인 인재, 세계적 경쟁력을 갖춘 Global 인재 변화혁신 Innovation 축전된 기술과 Know How를 바탕으로한 변화, 혁신, 발전
  • Best Products

    First-class Products

    1. 1 Planning and development of new products through creative thoughts and R&D
    2. 2 Optimal development and production infrastructure to develop and produce the best products
    3. 3 Commercialization of highly reliable and high performance products focusing on development design technologies
  • People-first

    The Importance of Maintaining
    Human Resource

    1. 1 Management focusing on human resources, development of creative human resources
    2. 2 Procurement of excellent human resources by strengthening development of human resource capacities and improving their abilities
  • Change and Innovation

    Change and Innovation

    1. 1 Continuous change and innovation based on accumulated technologies and knowhow
    2. 2 Construction and operation of the latest business information management system
    3. 3 Customer-oriented product development and service creation
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