Smart Factory

고객 맞춤형 Smart Factory 구현을 위하여 최적의 장비와 다양한 물류자동화 경험을 기반으로 ICT와 융합된 Total Solution을 제공.궁극적으로는 생산성,품질,고객만족도를 획기적으로 향상시켜 지능화된 유연생산공장을 구현-공급.
  • Solution for Smart Factory

    In order to configure a customer-customized Smart Factory, we offer a total solution integrated with ICT based on our optimal equipment and diverse Transfer automation experience. In result, significantly improve productivity, quality and customer satisfaction to configure and supply smart and flexible production factory.

    Loader/Unloader, Assembly Machine
    Processing Machine(Machining/Welding/Laser...)
    Testing & Vision Inspection
    Packing & Palletizing
    Transportation System(OHT, Conveyor...)








MCS(Material Control System)
EAP(Equipment Automation Process) / AIS (Automated Information System)

(Warehouse Management System)

(OHT Control System)

Card automation inline system

Auto Picking System – Samsung Card

삼성카드 이미지
삼성카드 이미지

APS video (Samsung Card)

Auto Picking System –Hyundai Card

현대카드 이미지

Equipment for inserting hundreds or thousands of empty cards in issuing device to automatically eject and rearrange in the order of issue
– Optimized for small amounts of different varieties (less than 30 cards per type of card) and is an automatic device that prevents human errors.
– Automatically recognizes cards with Vision System and counts them for real-time inventory management and reporting.


Expected effects from introducing the Auto Picking System

Internal effects

Inventory management : Identify inventory and usage in real-time
Lower manual labor : Supply and operating of materials
History management : Storage & report of data by day, week and month

External effects

Real-time operations:Procure real-time response system for customer demands
Appropriate inventory management:Can report expected supply and demand of blank cards through accumulated data
Processing automation:Strengthen review functions according to production management


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