Environmental Management

Identify environmental impact that occurs from the products, activities and services of the company and establish and execute improvement plans to reduce the environmental impact and to minimize effects against the environment

Environmental Policies

SeenBnTek is a company that assembles and manufactures LCD, semiconductor equipment and plant automation equipment, and recognizes eco-friendly company management as a crucial element. It shall strive to preserve the environment by constructing and maintaining an environment management system and continuously improving it.

Operation of environmental management system
In order to minimize environmental impacts that occur in the company’s production activities, we shall construct an environmental management system and effectively carry it out
Observing environmental laws and regulations
We shall observe laws and regulations on the environment and set even stricter internal management standards and diligently carry out such standards
Reducing environmental impact
By conserving energy used in production activities, recycling resources, and suppressing the use of contaminants, we shall minimize environmental contaminants.
Continuous improvement
We shall establish a goal and detailed plans for environmental conservation, review such plans and continuously make improvements.
Open management
The importance of the environmental management system shall be stressed to all employees through regular education sessions, and the environmental management performance shall be revealed to interested parties to carry out transparent environmental management.

Environmental goal

Sustainable Development
  • Environmental reports, Reduce emission of contaminants
    Natural environment protection activities
  • Strengthen competitiveness Lower environmental expenses
    Reduce use of packing/subsidiary materials
  • Improve corporate image Establish environment-friendly corporate image Establish Smooth relations with interested parties
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