Symbol Mark

Symbol Mark is an image of high technology company with the new leap and will and corporate motto as the basis of the figure. It symbolizes the company leaping to the world, To increase readability and always express attention that it is a company that is attracting attention and selection.

SeenBnTek 심벌마크

Logo Type

· Korean Signature SEENBNTEK 국문시그니처
· English Signature SEENBNTEK 영문시그니처

Corporate Color

· Spot color Spot color
· 4 primary colors 4 primary colors

Spot color / prohibition provision

· Use spot colors Use spot colors
· Examples of Prohibited Provisions Examples of Prohibited Provisions

Graphic motif / Dedicated pattern

· Graphic motif Graphic motif
· Dedicated pattern Dedicated pattern
Address323-10, Sandong-ri, Eumbong-myeon, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do
Tel T. 041-580-6600   F. 041-580-6610    Emailseenbntek@seenbntek.com


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