Head office(Asan)

323-10, Sandong-ri, Eumbong-myeon, Asan, Chungnam

Via CheonanIC

  1. 1 On Gyeongbu highway, exit from CheonanI.C, and take overpass that towards Cheonan -Asan station, go straight about 5 km follow samsung main street.
  2. 2 Enter the Sungseong overpass towards the Sports Complex, face to Samsung Display.
  3. 3 About 1 km ahead cross road, turn right towards the 3rd industrial park, go straight for 800m, and pass the environmental energy office in Cheonan, then go to the SeenBnTek Asan factory.

Via National Route 1(Pyeongtaek->Cheonan)

  1. 1 From pyeongtaek, take Route 1 towards Cheonan, go past the Jiksan three-way, and turn right at the Sejibmae three-way towards Cheonan-Asan station.
  2. 2 Go straight 4km depending on the Beonyeong-road and then turn right at Samsung ok gas station and turn left at 800m forward.

Via KTX station (Cheonan-Asan station)

  1. 1 Go straight about 3.5km toward Cheonan City Hall, passing the Beonyeong-ro underground road at Chenan-Asan KTX station.
  2. 2 From the Sports Complex, go straight 900m, and turn left at the cross road, towards the 3rd industrial park.
Address323-10, Sandong-ri, Eumbong-myeon, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do
Tel T. 041-580-6600   F. 041-580-6610


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