Life stability

Health examination (regular examination and general examination), group insurance (join group insurance for employees at risk of accidents)


Operates summer resort and condo (operate summer resort using condo membership (corporate)
Support for operating clubs (Support for opening in-company clubs and activity expenses for using leisure time of employees)

Energetic company life

Meal support (operate cafeteria, monthly meal fee support)
Operate commuting bus (commute bus to dorms and city)
Operate dormitory (operate dormitory for residential stability of employees)
Congratulation and condolence support (Condolence leave and support (money, flowers) (operate mutual benefit society)
Positioning expenses (support for employees who have to move due to change in working area as ordered by the company)
Award for long-term service (vacation and presents for long-term workers)
Award programs (exemplary employees, individual/group award programs)
Education programs (operate various education programs for work capacities, knowledge, self-development)


4 major insurance (National pension, employment insurance, health insurance, industrial accident insurance)
In-company convenience facilities (sleeping room, fitness room, shower room, ping pong room all available for free)


The company has leased an apartment near the company and operates a dormitory. After working, employees can enjoy comfortable rest and a time for recharging at the dorm

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